PINY Institute of New York debuts in UK market: series airs on Sony POP with ITV as licensing agent

PINY, Institute of New York (52X11’), co-produced by Ánima Kitchent and Famosa Animation – Famosa’s audiovisual production subsidiary – has debuted on Sony POP. The UK channel, coupled with licensing agent ITV Studios Global Entertainment, are the perfect partners to roll out the brand’s European expansion.

ITV has now confirmed that it will be presenting PINY at the upcoming Brand Licensing Europe, running from 10-12 October. The company will be representing PINY in the UK for all product categories.

Broadcasting on Sony POP began on 4 September and just a week later, PINY was already the most popular show among girls aged 4 to 12 (source: BARB/Digital-i).

PINY, Institute of New York’ is targeted at 6 to 8-year-old girls and packed full of positive values and humour. The exclusive education centre that gives the show its name specialises in cultivating creativity, with classes in design, fashion, new professions and sport, among other activities. The series follows Michelle and her friends as their exciting adventures prove that any challenge can be overcome with a blend of talent, friendship and positive values.

PINY has aired in several European countries, including France (Gulli), Italy (Frisbee) and Portugal (Disney Channel), as well as Russia (Carousel TV) and Turkey (MCD Kidz), which are spearheading the brand’s expansion into the East. The series, which stars Michelle, Julia, Sam and their friends, has also been a huge hit on Disney Channel España and Boomerang throughout Latin America, and is broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese. The brand’s internationalisation strategy will be further underpinned in the coming months with contracts in the TV market (in the Philippines and MENA) and new licensing agreements worldwide.

The brand rolled out a joint marketing strategy to coincide with the launch of the PINY doll by Toy Master Famosa in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France and Italy, with a view to boosting both viewing figures and toy sales. The dolls went on sale in 2016 and proved extremely popular, with 283,000 units sold in the first six months. This sales strategy comes on the back of the show’s huge success on YouTube, where its Spanish-language videos have chalked up over 30 million views.

The most recent debuts on the YouTube channel were a series of live action webisodes in which TV stars and young YouTubers including the members of the Disney Channel’s Pepper 3, the influencer Alexity and former contestants on the talent show Pequeños Gigantes share their best DIY tricks, healthy recipes, tips to help viewers sing and dance like they do and original, entertaining tutorials.

Ánima Estudios CEO Víctor López said: “It is a great achievement to have reached an agreement to join forces with ITV and Sony POP in the largest European market for licensing.”

Trudi Hayward, SVP Global Head of Merchandise at ITVS GE, says: “We are delighted to represent PINY in the UK. This adorable brand has great potential in the UK market following its success in Europe, and we are excited to talk to potential partners at BLE for categories including periphery toys & games, apparel & accessories, publishing, stationery & paper products, as well as health & beauty.”