This new series is fun for the whole family and will show us that the best adventures are the ones you have with your best friends!

The most exciting adventures will arrive in Cartoonito and HBO Max on April 24th with the premiere of Cuquin, the new animated series that will make families delve into the fun stories of three incredible friends: Cuquin, Clementina, and Cyan.

This new animated production, developed by Cartoon Network and Ánima, tells the adventures of Cuquin, a little boy who goes to school with his friends Clementina, a determined and energetic girl who’s always dressed up as one of her favorite animals, and Cyan, a little inventor who always carries his surprise-filled “penguin backpack”. They always share toys and take part in fun activities with the rest of their classmates and their beloved teacher Cameron. She’s always helping them learn through songs and games, but that doesn’t stop our main characters from facing a child’s biggest conflict: wanting something when they want it and not always being able to get it… especially when there’s a mischievous rabbit like Fantasma getting in the way!

This incredible trio is bound to have awesome times playing their made-up games thanks to their limitless imagination and will go on a number of fantastic adventures in which they’ll overcome big challenges through teamwork. Each episode will feature a different adventure at new phenomenal places such as Pirate Island, the Circus, the Art Park, the City, the Viking Ship, the Ghost Planet, the Snowy Mountains, the Super Trains, or Neptune Kingdom… Cuquin, Clementina, and Cyan’s imagination and creativity are endless!

Cuquin is the youngest sibling of the beloved Familia Telerín characters. He’s a smart and very playful boy with an infinite and unpredictable curiosity. He still can’t walk, and he can barely speak, but that won’t stop him from getting anything he sets his mind to! This fun character, as well as the rest of the Familia Telerín (Cleo, Tete, Maripí, Pelusín, and Colitas), were created by Santiago and José Luis Moro, and for decades were the ones who put millions of children across Latin America to bed at night.

In 2015, his fame grew because of the revamped version that’s available on YouTube. It has been so well-liked by children’s audiences internationally, that they have their own very successful Spanish language channel with over 10.4 million subscribers, and growing numbers in the Portuguese, English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and German speaking channels. In total, Cuquin and his siblings amass a total of +25M subscribers and +14B views. Next to Cleo, and the rest of their siblings, he starred in the “Cleo y Cuquin” series that premiered on TV channels as the #1 show amongst preschoolers in Mexico, Spain, and several other countries in Latin America.

Cuquin is an Ánima production for Warner Bros. Discovery; Sean Gabuat and Rodrigo Pineda were the creators of this new format and its characters, while Marc Seal and Lisa Akhurst oversaw script and narrative developments. Fernando De Fuentes S., José C. García de Letona, Ángel Molinero, Miguel Aldasoro, and Rodrigo Pineda are the series’ executive producers.


Available starting April 24th on HBO Max and Cartoonito.

Monday through Friday at 10:15 a.m., 01:45 p.m., and 07:15 p.m.