• “Atomo Network” has grown to over 155 Channels and 6.6 million subscribers.
    • New gaming channel “AtomiK.O.” will be released in July 2018.
    • Huevocartoon became part of the Network, adding more than 552 videos to the content library.
    • Spanish versions of 4 international web series will be released this year, with over 15 titles planned.

    “Atomo Network” Celebrates Two Years Of Supporting Animators Of All Sizes

    “Atomo Network”, the online animation network created by Channel Frederator and “Anima”, Latin America’s top animation studio, has grown to 157 channels, over 6.6 million subscribers and more than 1.1 billion global views, with a full slate of original and dubbed programming for Spanish speaking audiences within its two years of existence. 

    “Atomo Network” has established itself as the premium destination for online animation with the stellar addition of Huevocartoon, pioneers of web animation in Latin America, who will add its humor, beloved characters and prestige to the Network.

    “The Channel Frederator Network is proud to honor the second anniversary of our partners at “Atomo Network” and “Anima”. We’re excited to help the explosion of world class talent making animation related videos in Spanish and will continue to support that artistry in every way we can”, said Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator Networks.  

    “Atomo Network” showcases content from up-and-coming creators, reviewers and illustrators. Additionally, it seeks to increase the licensing of premium web series from international studios to be dubbed in Spanish. From 2018 on, it will premiere around 15 titles from deals with Mondo Media, Miam! Animation, Wildseed and Tinman Creative, among others to be announced soon.

    Also, a new video gaming channel will be released in July 2018, featuring specialized content for the gaming community. This effort will definitely help the Network expand its scope and reach for new and solid audiences that share the passion and enthusiasm for animation and digital arts.  

    “We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase the very best animation from all over the world to the ever-growing Spanish speaking audiences that we are devoted to”, said José C. García de Letona, “Ánima” COO. “Additionally, we will also expand our efforts to support and promote the creators that have been calling “Atomo Network” their digital home for the past couple years”.

    “Atomo Network” will continue to support small and medium-sized channels to fully propel their growth into the YouTube ecosystem, helping creators comply with the new monetization policies. The Network provides best practices, guidance and several free tools to help creators to make great content.

    All creators that produce contents in Spanish are welcome to join “Átomo Network”! For more information visit www.atomonetwork.com