19 12 - 2017

Familia Telerin’s “La Vaca Lechera” was the most-watched kids’ video in the top Spanish-speaking markets this year

• The Familia Telerin’s version of the song “La Vaca Lechera” took fourth place in the overall ranking of Spain’s most-watched videos in 2017.
• It is the only kids’ video on the list.
• The Familia Telerin’s channel is a hit in Latin America too, taking the top spot in the YouTube Kids Rewind 2017 in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Madrid, December 2017.

The Familia Telerin has secured a spot among the top 10 most-watched videos in Spain in 2017. The video clip of the traditional song “La Vaca Lechera”, performed by Cleo, Cuquin and their fun-loving brothers and sisters, has ranked as the fourth most-watched video in the non-music top 10 in Spain this year, with over 54 million views since it was posted in March 2017.

A clear reflection of the brand’s effective digital strategy

The clip is the only kids’ video featured in the YouTube Rewind 2017 in Spain, a huge achievement which underscores the Familia Telerin’s success in Spain and reflects its effective digital strategy. This recognition comes on the back of the series of 18 video clips featuring traditional songs and 4 Christmas carols available on the channel, with new videos to be uploaded over the course of 2018. The video clips have chalked up over 1.7 million subscribers worldwide, who have viewed the channel’s content over 754 million times.
The fan base cultivated through these clips will help maximise the impact achieved upon the debut of Cleo&Cuquin, a new series inspired by the cartoon Familia Telerin. Producer Ánima Kitchent teamed up with Televisa, MAI and Selecta Visión to turn the cartoon into a transmedia brand comprising a TV series, video clips, apps and online content.

Parallel success in Latin America

The success enjoyed in Spain has been echoed in Latin America, where “La Vaca Lechera” reached the top spot in the YouTube Kids Top 10 in countries including Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Another Familia Telerin clip – “Itsy Bitsy Araña”, the Spanish-language version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – ranked 7th in the Colombian ranking. In Argentina, the “La Vaca Lechera” clip ranked third in the YouTube Kids Top 10 and was the 14th overall most-viewed non-music video.
Clan (RTVE) in Spain, Canal 5 of Televisa in Mexico, Discovery Kids in Latin America and Hop in Israel have all announced the acquisition of broadcasting rights. Netflix has also bought second window rights to air the series worldwide.

These agreements follow an announcement by Mattel that it has been awarded the worldwide Toy Master License for Cleo&Cuquin – the first line of products is set to be rolled out in Mexico and Spain in 2018 – and will be complemented by contracts with publisher Penguin Random House, toy maker Clementoni and an educational initiative in the US underway by HITN.

Cleo&Cuquin (52×7’) is targeted at pre-schoolers aged four to five and features big sister Cleo and baby Cuquin, flanked by their four brothers and sisters. Every episode sees the little kids tackle a big adventure as Cuquin’s mischief gets Cleo and her brothers and sisters into trouble, and they come up with solutions the only way kids know how: by playing! They pretend to be astronauts, gardeners, detectives, monsters or whatever they need to be to get the job done. Best of all, at the end of every episode, Cleo figures out what she wants to be when she grows up… at least for that day!

Familia Telerin was a brief cartoon aired by TVE in the late 60s. It proved hugely popular, as it featured a catchy song telling kids it was time to turn off the TV and head for bed, helping parents with the tricky task of settling them down for the night. The clip aired for two decades in Spain and was also broadcast in Latin America, where it featured in TV programming for many years.