Cumbre Pixelatl for Animation Studios.
If we’re all in, we all win.

The event that is bound to hold over 500 business encounters between all the delegates will take place this April 8th and 9th at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Santa Fe, Mexico City.

CDMX, March 25th, 2019.

Pixelatl, Mexico’s most important Animation Festival that is constantly looking to further develop the Mexican multimedia industry in order achieve relevance in the world stage, will organize Cumbre Pixelatl April 8th through 9th, a series of business meetings between the most important Mexican animation studios and some foreign studios with the goal of promoting collaboration agreements, service tradings as well as discussing the current state of the creative industry that is focused towards entertainment.

“In the entertainment business, one’s success opens doors to others… With this event, we wish to consolidate the industry and start supporting one another to elevate content and service quality and knit a collaborative network that allows us to have a productive chain and be internationally competitive”, says José Iñesta, Pixelatl Director.

Two days filled with B2B meetings oriented towards services, with matchmaking and network-building activities where 8 foreign delegates from renowned international studios who commission services will participate, along with a 16-activity program that includes small talks and discussion panels on subjects such as: “What does and international partner look for?”, “How to survive in the audiovisual industry?” or “From art to salary: strategies to retain and enhance talent”. It is bound to hold more than 500 business encounters between all delegates.

Cumbre Pixelatl is an event that was conceived, initiated and is organized by a collaboration between Pixelatl, Ánima, Latin America’s leading animation studio, and Mighty Animation, a Guadalajara-based studio that has produced high-quality content for clients such as BBC, Mattel and Nickelodeon.

On the subject, Ánima’s COO, José Carlos García de Letona comments: “The creative and technical potential of Mexican artists is unlimited. This is where the motivation to build experiences and reinforce bonds between all the studios comes from, so that together we can turn Mexico’s animation industry into a benchmark and a worldwide gold standard”.

“Mexican animation has grown a lot the past few years, which is why Cumbre Pixelatl represents an unmatched opportunity to measure efforts and set common goals to improve the industry’s growth. In the same way, the event represents an opportunity to promote collaboration among studios, to stimulate the internal market and to accelerate the professionalization of the animation industry in Mexico”, notes Luispa Salmón, Mighty Animation’s Director.

Having been designed to favor professional networking and encouraging Mexico’s animation industry, the event is exclusively intended for animation studios, videogame studios, advertising agencies and production houses with an accreditation fee of MXN$5,000 plus tax. For more information you can visit

About Pixelatl

Pixelatl is a partnership dedicated to promoting the creation and broadcast of multimedia contents and narratives in order to broaden the national offering and to enlarge its audience. Its mission is to detonate the creative industry in Latin America and to turn it into a developmental platform to dignify and reconcile the region. You can find more details at:

About Ánima

Ánima, leader in animation, with offices in Mexico City, Madrid and the Canary Islands, specializes in 2D animation and CGI by creating, producing and managing high-quality brands, while developing original contents that focus on children and families. Among their most recent projects, you can find series such as: “Las leyendas, a Netflix original series”, “Cleo & Cuquin”, “Space Chickens in Space”; and feature films such as “La leyenda del Charro Negro”, “Ana y Bruno” and “Ahí viene Cascarrabias”.

About Mighty Animation

Mighty Animation is a 2D and 3D animation studio dedicated to the creation and development of animated contents. Their expertise in production, vision and high artistic quality places them as one of the most relevant studios in Latin America, helping position Guadalajara on the map as Mexico’s creative hub. Mighty collaborates with the global industry’s most important brands and production houses.

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