19 10 - 2017

Clementoni to launch line of educational Cleo&Cuquin toys in Spain

MADRID, October 2017

Anima Kitchent and toy maker Clementoni have signed an agreement to launch a line of educational toys based on Cleo&Cuquin. The toys include puzzles, Edukit toy cases and electronic, interactive, recreational and creative games, all of which will hit the shelves in Spain in autumn 2018.

Clementoni will be supporting Mattel, which was recently named global Toy Master for Cleo&Cuquin, on positioning the brand in the Spanish market. The first line of Mattel products are to launch in time for the Christmas 2018 campaign.

The series is set to air on Clan TV (Spain), Discovery Kids (Latin America), Televisa’s Canal 5 (Mexico) and Hop (Israel) in November this year. This initial expansion into the international market will be underpinned by new broadcasting agreements in a range of markets in the coming months, which will position Cleo&Cuquin firmly as a strong global brand.

Cleo&Cuquin (52×7’) is targeted at pre-schoolers aged four to five and features the Telerin brothers and sisters, especially big sister Cleo and the baby of the family, Cuquin. Each episode sees the little kids tackle a big adventure as Cuquin’s mischief gets Cleo and her brothers and sisters into trouble, and they come up with solutions the only way kids know how: by playing! They pretend to be astronauts, gardeners, detectives, monsters or whatever they need to be to get the job done. Best of all, at the end of every episode, Cleo figures out what she wants to be when she grows up… at least for that day!

Familia Telerin was a brief cartoon aired by TVE in the late 60s which was hugely popular as it featured a catchy song telling kids it was time to turn off the TV and head for bed, helping parents with the tricky task of settling them down for the night. The clip aired for two decades in Spain and was also broadcast in Latin America, where it featured in TV programming for many years.

With a view to rekindling this success and a clear international approach, Televisa joined forces a year ago with Anima Kitchent, MAI and Selecta Vision to co-produce the new transmedia brand based on the Familia Telerin.
Cleo&Cuquin has brand new scripts, updated characters and a meticulous design. As well as the TV show, the brand boasts apps, including the “El Acostador” bedtime app, web content and music video clips. Cleo&Cuquin launched on the Familia Telerin’s YouTube channel, and after just a year and a half its 17 music video clips have chalked up over 600 million views and 1.5 million subscribers.

Anima Kitchent CEO Víctor M. López said: “Clementoni’s line of educational toys will play a crucial role in positioning this pre-schooler-targeted brand. The Mattel-Clementoni tandem will ensure we can furnish the market with quality toys that meet the expectations of kids and parents alike.”

Clementoni CEO Pilar Amaro said: “We are convinced that the launch of this educational toy line based on Cleo&Cuquin will be a huge success in Spain; as Mario Clementoni once said – and this sums up the company’s philosophy perfectly – ‘Growing up is a wonderful game, and our job is to help children learn whilst having fun’.”